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Another Violent Racial Assault at McDonald’s

by Jeff Davis

Random racially motivated assaults are now something that White people all across America are having to face in their daily lives. Fast food restaurants are especially vulnerable areas since they tend to attract Blacks.

An article from in Denver, Colorado reports: “Police are investigating a vicious beating at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Denver. Shannon, who asked us not to use her last name, was the victim of an attack on May 9 just before noon. She called our sister station KUSA 9News, and asked for help finding her attackers. ‘I don’t feel safe anymore,’ Shannon said.”

“The attack happened in the middle of the busy lunch hour at the McDonald’s on 3300 Colorado Boulevard near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Radio reference recorded dispatchers describing the attack, as multiple 911 calls came in. ‘Two black females are inside. They’re fighting inside the car still in the drive-thru,’ one dispatcher can be heard saying.” Continue reading

Is the FBI Finally Going after Black Flash Mobs?

by Jeff Davis

Fox News tells us: “The FBI is getting in on the law enforcement app game — posting documents online recently to seek industry input on developing the equivalent of a web alert system. The 12-page document, called FBI Social Media Application, provides a detailed picture of the bureau’s specifications. The program must have the ability ‘to rapidly assemble critical open source information and intelligence … to quickly vet, identify and geo-locate breaking events, incidents and emerging threats.’”

“’I think what you are looking at is a Google news feed specifically targeted for law enforcement, focusing on their specific needs,’ said Frank Ciluffo, who leads George Washington University’s Homeland Security Policy Institute. ‘We’re on our mobile phones and we’re on our various iPhones, BlackBerrys and the like that transmits data that locates individuals.’”

It sounds like the FBI is finally trying to do something to prevent criminal Black flash mobs from assembling and looting stores or attacking White people. Philadelphia seems like it’s the capital of flash mob crimes with Chicago a close second. Dozens of cities have reported this crime phenomenon, which has spread all over the US, which no doubt got the attention of the FBI. Continue reading

Condoleezza Rice: The Black Sarah Palin

by James Buchanan

Moderate Republican candidates for president, like Mitt Romney have a long history of committing electoral suicide. They always make the same mistake from Gerald Ford to George H.W. Bush to Bob Dole: They get the hair-brained idea that they can steal liberal or minority votes away from the Democrats while not alienating the White conservative vote.

Now let’s consider the math of presidential elections. Typically Blacks vote 88 percent Democrat. The lowest support for the Democrats in recent history was still 80 percent. About the best a Republican candidate can possibly hope for from the Black population is a change of 8 percent. This means 8 percent of 13 percent of voters or 1 percent of the total vote. In order to get those votes a Republican candidate has to appear so liberal that the rest of the GOP starts calling him a Benedict Arnold.

The chart below shows how the Black vote has played out over the past 50 years. Every Republican, who has done well appealing to the Blacks, has alienated conservative Whites sufficiently so that he lost the election. Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole were all viewed as weakling moderates, who never strongly believed in conservative politics. Add to that, the fact that Obama is both Democrat and Black, and there should be every expectation that Obama will get 95 percent of the Black vote in 2012 even if Romney gets down on his knees pleading for Black votes. Continue reading

“How DARE they Criticize Israel!!”

by Jeff Davis

Another of the many long-term goals of the anti-White agenda is to set the parameters of “acceptable discussion” so that any criticism at all of the bandit state of Israel constitutes “anti-Semitism.” According to the ultra-liberal “The U.S. Department of Education is investigating a [Jewish] faculty member’s complaint that a series of pro-Palestinian events at a California university crossed the line into anti-Semitism and created a hostile environment for Jewish students.”

Ah, there’s that favorite catch-all phrase of the Politically Correct establishment, “creating a hostile environment.” What, exactly, does that mean? Any damned thing they want it to mean!! Some of the more militant liberals and Jews don’t want their co-workers saying one thing that they disapprove of –effectively taking away free speech from millions of Americans while they’re at their workplace, earning the money to pay the taxes for a federal government, which is supposed to protect our free speech. I have NEVER heard of a conservative running to the boss to complain about liberals yapping amongst themselves, but liberals complain to the boss all the time about right-wing conversations at work; that’s just the sort of whiny, pathetic individuals that they are, and the Jews of course are the champion complainers if you make the mistake of saying almost anything in earshot of one of the Hebraic commissars. Continue reading

Florida Fights Election Fraud

by Jeff Davis

The state government of Florida is fighting back against attempts to rig the upcoming 2012 election. An article on reports: “Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said he will sue the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to move forward with his controversial attempt to purge the voter rolls in his state of ineligible voters. ’I have a job to do to defend the right of legitimate voters,’ Scott told Fox News on Monday. ‘We’ve been asking for the Department of Homeland Security’s database, SAVE, for months, and they haven’t given it to us. So this afternoon, we will be filing a lawsuit, the secretary of State of Florida, against the Department of Homeland Security to give us that database. We want to have fair, honest elections in our state and we have been put in a position that we have to sue the federal government to get this information.’”

“Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner produced the lawsuit, filed in Washington, D.C. district court on Monday, shortly after, along with a statement. ‘For nearly a year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has failed to meet its legal obligation to provide us the information necessary to identify and remove ineligible voters from Florida’s voter rolls,’ Detzner said. ‘We can’t let the federal government delay our efforts to uphold the integrity of Florida elections any longer. We’ve filed a lawsuit to ensure the law is carried out and we are able to meet our obligation to keep the voter rolls accurate and current.’”

Basically, the government wants hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to vote in Florida, with its 29 electoral votes. The Republicans meanwhile have this old fashioned idea that only US citizens should vote in US elections. Continue reading

Will Obama Release Israeli Spy Pollard as an Election Ploy?

by Jeff Davis

An article on reports: “The US Department of Justice has released new files about convicted spy Jonathan Pollard’s bid for presidential clemency. Pollard was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after passing more than a million highly classified documents to Israel while working as an intelligence analyst for the US Navy.”

“Documents in the Freedom of Information Act response (PDF) reference 32 pages of government agency deliberative communications and 37 pages of new communications between Pardon Attorney Ronald Rogers and Pollard’s legal team — all produced since July of 2011. While the contents have been withheld, their existence signals that the Pollard commutation request may be nearing a conclusion within the Obama administration. June 18 could mark the culmination of a massive lobbying campaign for release. Obama’s dismal record on Israeli accountability suggests Pollard will soon walk free.”

Of course, the fact that Obama is in the middle of a re-election campaign and needs every Jewish vote in key states like Florida, New York, and Illinois, not to mention every Jewish campaign dollar he can raise, has nothing at all to do with this. Why only a thoroughly corrupt political crook with no loyalty to the US would sell out the military like that. We may be in trouble. Continue reading

Israel Deports Unwanted Black Illegal Immigrants

by James Buchanan

The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports “Israel’s Immigration Authority began rounding up African migrants on Sunday, with eight arrests reported in Eilat and central Israel. The Jerusalem’s District Court ruled on Thursday that Israel could deport South Sudanese nationals back to their home country.”

Here in the US however Obama has announced that the Immigration department will only deport illegal aliens after they commit a serious felony. (How thoughtful. Let them stay here until they commit a serious felony. This means we could suffer millions of felonies by people who should have been deported.)

The article continues “Interior Minister Eli Yishai said that this was a first of many steps and that a great deal of work is left until his vision of a migrant-free Israel is fulfilled.” Continue reading

How Jewish is Hollywood?

Watch the New David Duke Video: Do Jews Control the Media? The LA Times Says Yes!

Click on this link or the picture.

latimes.comThe following article in the Los Angeles Times by a Jewish entertainment figure says what no Gentile can say without universal condemnation. Everyone with fundamental knowledge of Hollywood and the mass media knows the correct answer to the ADL poll in which it asked Americans if they agree with the statement that “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews.” The fact that only 22 percent are cognizant of this fact or simply brave enough to be honest about what they know, is certainly indicative itself of the enormous Jewish power in media. To wit, they have so much overweening power that no one can even admit the obvious. Jewish domination of the media is not a debatable subject, it is as much a fact as the earth not being flat. Jewish power is so pervasive that we are not allowed to know or acknowledge this simple fact. The question is, “what other vital information has been kept from all of us?” – David Duke

How Jewish is Hollywood?

A poll finds more Americans disagree with the statement that ‘Jews control Hollywood.’ But here’s one Jew who doesn’t.

Joel Stein

December 19, 2008

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.
Continue reading

White Woman Killed Delivering Pizzas to Blacks

by Jeff Davis

We might as well just stop looking at the American mainstream news media for any reporting of Black hate crimes against Whites. It simply never makes the cut. Once again, we had to find out about these stories from the U.K. Daily Mail.

An article in the Daily Mail reports: “Police in the US have arrested two [Black] teenagers in connection with the murder of a [White] Domino’s Pizza worker who was stabbed 50 times and bludgeoned as she delivered an order to them. The stabbing took place on Thursday evening as the victim, 27-year-old [White] mother-of-one Elizabeth Hutcheson, was delivering pizza to an address in the small city of Cedartown in Georgia.”

“Cadedra Cook, 18, who lived at the house, and a 15-year-old boy whose name police are not releasing, are in custody in Polk County Jail on murder charges.”

“Police said a pizza order was placed by telephone at Domino’s shortly before 9 pm on Thursday and Ms Hutcheson was the delivery person sent. Ms Hutcheson was found bleeding in the doorway of the house at around 9.15pm by police officers conducting a traffic stop nearby who rushed to the scene when they heard her screams. She was pronounced dead at Polk Medical Center. Police said both attackers fled on foot after the stabbing, and after a search overnight involving many different police teams, officers apprehended the teenagers at around noon yesterday in a nearby field.”

“Newsome told the Cedartown Standard investigators were looking for a motive for the killing.”

You don’t need a motive for garden variety Blacks to attack White people. Maybe the Blacks were upset that the pizza delivery woman expected them to pay. After all, they are entitled. Obama is president. That’s how many Blacks think.

Another White woman has been murdered and is even being denied a mention on the evening news because liberal editors don’t want White people to notice a disturbing trend of Black-on-White violence. There have been a number of assaults, robberies and murders of pizza deliverymen and taxi cab drivers, who were told to go to Black neighborhoods. Maybe if the local evening news had reported these stories, Miss Hutcheson would not have taken this high-risk job, which might cause her child to lose her mother.

For the liberal mass media, it’s more important to censor news of Black crimes than to give White people critical crime information that we need to know so that we don’t wind up crime victims. Too bad the relatives of Miss Hutcheson can’t sue the liberal mainstream media for keeping her ignorant, an ignorance that has cost her life.

Obama, White People and the 2012 Election

by Jeff Davis

An opinion article in the New York Daily News reports “There will be so many things to talk about with Obama vs. Romney from here to November, but the one that nobody will want to talk about very much in polite society, even in what has a chance to be the meanest presidential campaign for all times, is race. It works against the President this time, in a big way. Last time, there… just weren’t enough reasons for enough white voters to vote against the black guy, as much as they wanted to. This time there are plenty.”

“And please don’t believe a single poll on this issue. If there is one great truth about polling in this country, at least when it comes to race, is that people lie through their teeth. Mostly because they don’t want to look like some lousy, scummy bigot — even talking to an anonymous voice on the telephone.”

By the way, there’s a difference between a “bigot” who wants to discriminate against Blacks and someone, who doesn’t believe the races are equal or someone who simply doesn’t want Blacks around because they don’t want the crime problems. The liberals always try to pretend that there’s no difference and that if you don’t think the races are equal, you automatically want to do bad things to Black people and other minorities. Continue reading