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Obese Transgender “Wins” Prom Queen Title

by James Buchanan

An article from WBZ-TV reports “Cody Tubman had a dream prom night, the perfect dress and then the crown to go with it. Cody was voted prom queen of Middleboro High School. ‘I was all smiles,’ Cody says laughing. ‘We were standing there and they announced I was prom queen. So I was like ‘oh yay, so exciting,’ But it was kind of surprising.’ ”

“It was surprising because Cody is transgender.She was born a boy but she started dressing as a girl when she was a freshman in high school. She says she feels more confident and comfortable in her body.”

Yes, Cody is comfortable with its body –all four hundred pounds of it. The mainstream media seems determined to besiege us with articles about transvestites, transgenders and homosexuals until we are made to think that perversity is the “new normal”.

The truth is that the students there were playing a joke on the rest of the country, which the liberal media apparently couldn’t see in their blind haste to publish pro-pervert stories. The students got their high school mentioned on the national media, and a 400lb whale elected as prom queen.

The truth is that the vast majority of America does not want anything to do with the LGBT crowd. Virtually all White parents would be horrified if any of their children were to come out as “Gay”. A majority of Americans may tolerate these perverts for now because the media and the government tells us to.

Does anyone really believe that this 400 lb whale, who is contemplating a sex change operation, is not mentally ill? We basically have an epidemic of mental illness, encouraged by the Zionist controlled media. A healthy society with a sense of morality would put an end to this literal insanity and cure the mentally ill, who can be cured and isolate the rest of them on some island, which would serve as a vast open air insane asylum.

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