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Black Hate Crime Murder in West Seattle

by James Buchanan

http://www.newnation.com/Images/2005/MichaelRobb.jpgOn Sunday evening, a Black seventeen-year-old who had earlier said that he wanted to kill all White people, fired a shotgun into the face of a popular White tennis coach in the increasingly dangerous, multi-racial hell hole of West Seattle. The tennis coach leaves behind a widow and a thirteen month old baby girl. Most White people in Seattle are dangerously delusional about race problems. They have been brainwashed into thinking that “diversity is good” and a few liberals no doubt congratulate themselves for living near Blacks. Some White people living in bad parts of Seattle are so naive that they are suicidally oblivious to the danger posed by a large Black population and will insist that there’s nothing wrong with their neighborhood regardless of rapes, car break ins, burglaries and muggings.

Kirby Wilbur revealed the details of this Black hate crime and remarks by the killer on his popular radio talk show and asked his audience what would have happened if the races were reversed. Wilbur also pointed out that the major newspapers in Seattle were deliberately suppressing information about the killer making racist remarks before his hate crime. KOMO TV news had an article on their web site that noted “Court documents reveal Berhe (the murder suspect) has recently told his parents and siblings he was going to kill someone. Berhe’s neighbor also commented that he frequently said he was going to ‘kill all white people,’ but she never took the threat seriously.” It takes a lot of censorship to keep people supporting “diversity” and militant liberals are making sure that White people don’t hear certain information unflattering to Blacks, that just might save White lives.

To add insult to injury, Seattle authorities had let the Black go just before the murder even though he should have been in jail for an earlier crime. A Seattle Post Intelligencer article reports “An hour before high school tennis coach Mike Robb was found shot to death in his car in West Seattle, the 17-year-old suspected of killing him had a run-in with police. While officers investigated the teen for a nearby burglary Sunday, a police report said, some shotgun shells fell from him onto the street. He was released. Police arrested him a day later in the death of Robb… A police report yesterday said the teen had recently fired a shotgun at a tree… Court records show he already had a warrant out for his arrest from at least one criminal charge from 2002, when he was allegedly caught riding in a stolen car… It wasn’t clear why he wasn’t detained on that warrant Sunday.”

The same article notes “In the small courtroom, the teen turned to reporters and snapped, ‘Why you all gotta be in my business?’ His public defender, Martha Walton, calmed him down. Meanwhile, Robb’s friends and widow were left to deal with the man’s abrupt death.”

West Seattle has had a reputation as a high crime area for decades. Racial demographic maps of Seattle show four neighborhoods in West Seattle (the area south of the bay) have gone from having 5-10 percent Blacks in 1990 to having 10-25 percent Blacks by the year 2000. West Seattle has no doubt become even more Black in the five years since then. Neighborhoods in southeast Seattle have even higher percentages of Blacks and it appears the Blacks are migrating from there to West Seattle.

Tennis coach Mike Robb thought he was safe driving through West Seattle. He may even have pulled his car over to help the vicious Black teenager, who fired a shotgun into his face. Liberalism truly is a mental illness which sometimes proves fatal. White people are taking a foolish risk living in heavily Black neighborhoods. Even driving through those neighborhoods can prove fatal.