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White Student In Custody For “Racial Intimidation”

MARYLAND — MILLERSVILLE – A fifth student was arrested in connection with an investigation into vandalism and I quote,”racial intimidation”.

Anne Arundel County police reported on April 28th, 2003 that a 15-year-old 10th-grade student was arrested for incidences of vandalism, posting ”Neo-Nazi” fliers and “racial intimidation”. According to police, there have been 11 different and I quote,”acts” reported at South River High School that are still being investigated by police. Apparently a lot of White teens are feeling the need to express their feelings about racial tension in the school system. It seems to me that these White kids are not being heard and are having to revert to violent means in order to get any recognition for their feelings of frustration with the racial tension in the school system.

The boy was charged on a juvenile citation and was recently released to his parents, police said. Police said he was charged with disrupting school activities, harassment and a “hate crime”.

The total number of those arrested for what is being called “Neo-Nazi acts of racial intimidation” is now at five. My question is this; other than the supposed vandalism, what exactly are the charges against this boy and why is he being labeled a Neo-Nazi? How many 15 year old Neo-Nazi’s do you know? Where is the proof of these accusations? Are we not innocent until proven guilty in this country? Do we not have freedom of association and freedom of speech in this country without being labeled a Neo-Nazi hate criminal? I want to see proof before I label the accused boy these politically correct racial witch hunt epithets.

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