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2007 Promises More of the Same

by Rep. Ron Paul
This Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. In Iraq, however, war rages on with no end in sight.

The midterm congressional elections are over, and the Iraq Study Group report is complete. Many Americans are unhappy about the war and want a change in policy. But what we are going to get from both parties in Washington is more of the same – much more – when it comes to Iraq.

President Bush not only wants to stay the course, he wants to increase the number of troops in Iraq. The “new approach” is simply escalation, with no timetable and still no definition of victory.

In fact, the president promised last week that “they can’t run us out of the Middle East,” and that we will not retreat from Iraq. Worse, he asserted that America will “stay in the fight for a long period of time.” According to the president, we must increase the size of our Army and Marine Corps to provide the bodies to make this possible.

In other words, our troops will stay in Iraq indefinitely. Remember, we are building several huge, permanent military bases there, along with the biggest embassy in the world to serve as the command post for our occupation. The embassy compound alone will cost more than one billion dollars.

This doesn’t sound like the “new generation” warfare envisioned by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, but more like old-fashioned occupation – which requires hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the ground in Iraq. Once again, more of the same.

The Pentagon, not surprisingly, has requested an additional $100 billion to keep the war going. This money will not be included in the annual budget or deficit numbers, but will be whitewashed as an “off-budget” expenditure.

If all this were not enough, the president has ordered aircraft carrier groups to position themselves in the Persian Gulf in a new show of bellicosity toward Iran.

Anyone who voted for Democrats last month expecting a change in our Iraq policy was sorely mistaken. Incoming congressional leaders have publicly stated their support for increasing troop levels, and Democrats have no intention of pursuing any serious withdrawal plan in Congress. They will not withhold war funding. The war will plod on, and Democrats will call for more of the same.

In Washington, the answer to every problem is always more of the same. If a war is not successful, escalate it – or even start another one. This is our only policy in Iraq, where we don’t even know who the enemy really is. Can 1 in 10 Americans even distinguish between Sunni, Shia, and Kurds? Unless we rethink our senseless policy of endless occupation, regime change, and nation-building in the Middle East, we must expect more of the same: More troops injured or killed, more spending, more debt, more taxes, more militarism, and especially more government.

Merry Christmas to all, and please share my wishes for peace on earth and goodwill toward men in 2007.

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Woman Eaten by her Hybrid Wolves in Kentucky

by Jeff Davis

Our society seems to be cursed with a variety of mental illness above and beyond political correctness and Diversity. Among the stranger afflictions are people who keep dangerous animals as “pets” and people who keep way too many pets. In this story, a woman wasn’t keeping 30 cats; she was keeping 50 hybrid wolf-dogs.

A CBS news article reports: “Kentucky authorities believe that a woman was eaten by dozens of her pet wolf-dogs after she died.

“The Ohio County Sheriff’s Office told WFIE-TV that when they conducted a welfare check on 67-year-old Patricia Ritz, they found a human skull and jawbone as 50 hybrid wolf-dogs roamed her Fordsville property. Officials believe they are the remains of Ritz.”

I knew one individual, who had two hybrid wolf-dogs, and they were a handful. I can’t imagine anyone having fifty of them!!

The article goes on: “WHAS-TV reports that neighbors called authorities after she wasn’t seen for more than a week. She reportedly told her neighbors that she wasn’t feeling well recently.”

“Ohio County Animal Control came to Ritz’s property in an effort to gather up the dogs, as many were malnourished…”

“Ritz had a litany of animal cruelty charges dating back since 1986. Adopt-a-Husky Rescue told WFIE that the worse offenses came in 1997 when she was found guilty of second-degree cruelty after Greenville authorities found 120 dogs in her possession and in 1999 when 159 of 184 dogs she had were euthanized.”

“She was allowed, though, to keep the remaining 25 dogs if she spayed and neutered them.”

Why in the world would anyone want to breed hybrid wolf-dogs? Why spoil thousands of years of domestication? How raving mad does one have to be to keep 50 of these dangerous animals around?

Body Parts Turning Up in Detroit Sewer

by Jeff Davis

The city of Detroit is 83 percent Black. It’s population has shrunk from about two million in the 1950s to 714,000 today although the area is so chaotic, this number may just be a guess, and the population may have dropped well below 700,000 by now. Detroit recently went bankrupt and probably would have gone bankrupt years earlier if not for government aid. A large percent of the population of Detroit derives all their income from welfare, food stamps, Section 8 and other government hand out programs.

A recent news article reports: “Authorities say body parts have been found in a sewer in suburban Detroit for the third time in just over a year.”

“Sterling Heights police say the remains were found Wednesday by workers making repairs. A statement from police says there’s a strong possibility the parts are medical waste that was improperly put into the sewer.” Continue reading

Black Deliberately Shoots Four Whites Near a Wal-Mart in Greenville, NC

by Jeff Davis

A recent news article reports: “A man who shot four people near a Greenville Wal-Mart in June picked out his victims because they were white, according to several indictments handed down against him. Lakim Faust had more than 100 rounds of ammunition when he started shooting at people at a law firm and a shopping center in June, authorities said. A grand jury indicted Faust on 14 charges Monday, including four counts of attempted first-degree murder.”

“Faust, who is black, picked out his victims based on their race, according to the indictments. The documents didn’t specify why Faust wanted to shoot white people, and police have not talked about why he picked out his targets.”

Could it possibly be that the liberal mainstream media conditions Black people to hate White people? All the misinformation during the George Zimmerman trial stirred up the Blacks to the point of rioting, and there’s been a big increase in Black-on-White crimes as a result. Continue reading

Another Black-White Marriage Ends in Murder

by Jeff Davis

Black-White relationships are just plain dangerous for the White women involved, no matter on what socio-economic level. Dating a Black man is a good way to end up dead.

The Huffington Post reports: “A body found in thick brush Friday morning is believed to be that of a special forces soldier-turned-trauma surgeon who was the subject of a nationwide manhunt after the killing of his ex-girlfriend at a hospital, police said. Authorities had been searching for 49-year-old Dr. Timothy Jorden since Wednesday morning, when 33-year-old Jacqueline Wisniewski was found shot to death in a stairwell at the Erie County Medical Center.”

“The body was found Friday not far from Jorden’s suburban home near Lake Erie. Police said it was clad in hospital scrubs. Dennis Richards, Buffalo Police Department chief of detectives, said the man apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. An autopsy was being conducted. ‘It doesn’t make any sense that he did that, and that he killed himself, oh my god, it’s just terrible,’ said neighbor June Dupree. ‘I can’t get over it. I’m just about in tears right now.’” Continue reading

Jewish Thieves Stealing from Jewish Hoaxers

by Jeff Davis

An article on Courthouse News reports: “A Brooklyn woman pleaded guilty to her role in a fraud ring that embezzled $57 million from a group that helps compensate victims of Nazi persecution.”

“Zlata Blavatnik, a former clerk for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, faces up to 40 years in prison after admitting to her role in the conspiracy that approved nearly 5,000 fraudulent applications in exchange for kickbacks. The 64-year-old pleaded guilty Tuesday.” Continue reading

Illegal Immigration on the Rise

by Jeff Davis

The endless talk about giving an Amnesty for illegal aliens ever since Obama became president has had a predictable result: There has been a rise in illegal immigration. An article on reports: “After dropping during the recession, the number of immigrants crossing the border illegally into the U.S. appears to be on the rise again. The total number of immigrants living in this country unlawfully edged up from 11.3 million in 2009 to 11.7 million last year, with those from countries other than Mexico at an apparent all-time high, according to a report released Monday by Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project.”

The actual number of illegal aliens is likely between 20 and 30 million (and we really should count the millions of “anchor baby” offspring they’ve had in the last ten years as part of the illegal alien problem). Our government continues to lie to us about the size of the illegal alien problem hoping that we’ll support an Amnesty if we don’t think it’s as big as it is.

The Breitbart article notes “‘As a whole, with the recession ending, the decrease in illegal immigration has stopped,’ said Jeffrey Passel, a senior demographer at Pew.’” Continue reading

Hawaii Elections Clerk Swears Obama Never Had a US Birth Certificate

by Jeff Davis

The Obama birth certificate issue is back. Not that anybody will pay any attention. The mainstream media has already decided that they won’t cover this story no matter how obvious it becomes that there’s something massively wrong with Obama’s papers.

An article from Worldnet Daily reports: “Former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams has now signed an affidavit swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Barack Obama Jr. in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Center nor Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities.”

“Adams was employed at the City and County of Honolulu Elections Division from May 2008 through September 2008. His position was senior elections clerk, overseeing a group of 50 to 60 employees responsible for verifying the identity of voters at the Absentee Ballot Office. It was in this capacity that Adams became aware of the search for Obama’s birth-certificate records.” Continue reading

British Getting Taxed out of their Homes

by Ian Mosley

The U. K. Independent reports: “More than 50,000 people affected by the so-called bedroom tax have fallen behind on rent and face eviction, figures given to The Independent show. The statistics reveal the scale of debt created by the Government’s under-occupancy charge, as one council house tenant in three has been pushed into rent arrears since it was introduced in April. Figures provided by 114 local authorities across Britain after Freedom of Information (FoI) requests by the campaign group False Economy show the impact of the bedroom tax over its first four months. The total number of affected council tenants across Britain is likely to be much higher than the 50,000 recorded in the sample of local authorities that responded to the FoI.”

Britain has a housing shortage, which is partly addressed with government housing for the poor and lower working class. Many people who get into this housing wind up living there for their entire lives. This system worked reasonably well up until recent decades when a massive flood of Third World poor invaded England. Instead of deporting the Third World poor, many of whom are unemployed and some of whom have jobs that should go to unemployed Whites, the government appears determined to keep the Muslim and African invaders in the country, and this has led to the Bedroom Tax. This tax is a tax on unoccupied rooms in private homes. Continue reading

Jews Run Hollywood, Jewish Supremacist Media Confirms—Once Again

A new book which claims that the Nazi government influenced the production output of Hollywood in the 1930s has (inadvertently) confirmed that Jewish Supremacists run the movie industry in America.

The book, titled The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact With Hitler, by Jewish author Ben Urwand makes the far-fetched allegation that the Nazis somehow controlled what Hollywood produced in the 1930s by getting some studios to censor certain films before allowing them to be distributed.

Urwand claims, for example, that the film All Quiet on the Western Front was censored for the German market “because it dealt with the German defeat in World War I.”

Continue reading

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